Rainmaker Coaching Services

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For Individual Partners - Rainmaker Refresh™, please see description below.
For Associates - Rainmaker Training & Coaching Series for Associates™, please click here.

Our proven-to-generate-results Rainmaker Coach™  i.e. "sales" coaching services and programs can be tailored for partners, new shareholders, practice group leaders, department heads, laterals, associates and/or business development/marketing personnel.

  • Using 25 years' experience and integrity, we work closely with each participant to develop a plan, approach and/or solutions that work for them, help them get things done and develop measurable new business.
  • We are known for delivering measureable results and we help develop and implement processes to track, measure and formally report results.
  • Our Rainmaker Coach™ services described below can be provided separately from or in conjunction with our Rainmaker Coach™ Training Modules which are on-line, custom, and CLE compliant business and client development training programs tailored for your firm.

Our Rainmaker 'Sales' Coaching process usually involves the following steps - all information gathered from each step below is maintained in strict confidence.

  1. Arrange an initial 30 minute introductory meeting - either in person, by phone or web-conference.
  2. If you have not already done so in the past, complete a confidential, 15-minute, "Personal Style Assessment" which will be provided to you by Business Development Inc.
  3. Complete a 20 minute, confidential "Personal Business & Client Development Assessment - What Works for Me, What Doesn't and My Preferences©" questionnaire.
  4. On a mutually pre-determined date and time, each participant devotes one hour to their personal, confidential, initial coaching call/meeting with lawyer and a master sales coach for lawyers, Julie Savarino, who will then: 1) draft an initial plan and sales pipeline customized and tailored specifically for each participant and practice; 2) help define action steps; 3) finalize and schedule next steps, and 4) schedule the next coaching/follow-up call date/time. Some common business development tools that master business development coach Julie Savarino helps create for each participant can be seen at this link.
  5. Approximately 2-3 weeks after the initial session described in Step 4 above, each participant has a follow-up coaching call/meeting. Most follow-up, coaching calls take on average .5 to 1 hour depending upon what needs to be done and available time.
  6. For those with iPhone or iPads, download the award-nominated Rainmaker Coach™ app for free for one year.
  7. To get best results, at least five to seven additional, semi-monthly coaching calls/meetings are recommended.
  8. End of process interview - either in person, by phone, email or web-conference.
  9. Receive a results report and recommendations from Julie Savarino.

Please click here to see what clients say about our Rainmaker Coach™ services.

The fees for Rainmaker Coaching are either hourly based or usually fixed, but the total fees depend upon the total scope of steps 6-7 above, i.e. how many total coaching sessions are held, and for how many lawyers. Discounts are available for groups of lawyers from the same firm. For more information, please contact Julie Savarino, telephone (734) 276-1900, email Julie@BusDevInc.com.

Rainmaker Coach™ Training Modules - On-Line, Tailored-for-Your-Firm, CLE Compliant and Customized Business & Client Development Programs

We work with each lawyer, law firm and/or department to create and implement customized-for-your-firm business/client development training modules that your firm then owns and can re-use for years.

Using our proprietary Training Center on WebEx, we create tailored-for-your-firm training modules that are video-taped on-line and then used to start or upgrade your firm's own on-line library (housed on your firm's intranet) of training/professional development programs covering key business and client development subjects.

All programs: are CLE compliant; are one to two hours in duration; include a speaker from your law firm (someone who excels at the subject at hand) and/or an actual firm or potential client(s); and suggest/assign "homework" about how to put to use what was covered/ learned. Other available features include: follow-up touch points; on demand options; periodic, on-line coaching; top tips summary pages associated with each subject; measurement tools for "homework" assigned and results reports. To see what law firms and lawyers say about our training and coaching programs, please visit this link.

Among the many popular business/client development training modules we offer, each of which is tailored for each firm, are:

  • Client Service Excellence at YOUR FIRM NAME HERE: What's Expected and How-To's
  • Keys to Effective Business Development for Associates - (tailored for various years of practice and/or levels)
  • How to Find and/or Decide on Practice Focus/Niche(s)
  • How to Keep Track Of and In Touch With Your Contacts
  • How to Uncover and Stay Abreast of Client's Needs
  • Effective On-Line Networking
  • Active Listening, Listening to Understand and Best Practices
  • Productive One-on-One Meetings, Lunches, Visits, etc.
  • Maximizing Your Visibility
  • Community/Bar/Industry/Pro Bono Involvement - What to Join/Get Involved in and How to Make Most of It
  • Effective Networking When Attending Seminars and Events
  • Elevator Speeches
  • Best Practices: Writing to Develop Business & Increase Referrals

Other renowned, customized, revenue-generating training workshops/programs that are longer than two hours and are best when conducted off-line, in-person include:

  • How To Pitch Major Litigation & Win©
  • How to Win RFPs, Beauty Contests & Client Competition©
  • Effective Speaking & Presentation Skills for Lawyers©
  • Mastering the 'Sales' Process for Lawyers®